PODCAST: The Fast And Free Method To Grow Your Email List Every Week With Charles Byrd 
You'll learn how amplify your network, build relationships with the movers and shakers in your industry and profit from the power of leveraging joint venture webinars (the right way).
Listen more to what Charles has to say about his methods of doing business 
and how he has effectively applied it to his day to day routine.
What you'll learn:
  •  What is a joint venture webinar?
  •  Who are the best people to start with for your 1st joint venture? (not what you think)
  •  Where to find partners to promote your products and service
  •  How to use evergreen webinars the right way and the two exceptions that Charles uses

Charles Byrd

Online Trainer Specializing in Productivity. Silicon Valley 
Veteran and Founder / CEO of Byrd Word, LLC.
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